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What We Do

Fanscape offers all of the services a consumer-facing brand needs to reach the right consumer, at the right time, with the right content, via the right marketing channels to deliver compelling business results across both digital and offline marketing channels. Our multichannel services encompass all the “arms and legs” that a Brand Manager, Marketer, PR Exec., or CMO needs along every consumer engagement touch point:


Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Our dedicated health practice, Fanscape Health, works with leading prescription, OTC, and medical device companies such as Alcon and Philips. We create end-to-end patient marketing programs both online (social, digital, mobile) and offline (patient experiential events, brand sponsorships) along each step of the patient’s journey, from the early stages of initial diagnosis and research to ongoing lifestyle and disease management tools and content.

Our in-house team of Fanscape Health experts understands the legal requirements and nuances of black box drug marketing and how to use social listening tools to monitor and report adverse events quickly. We also use social listening and primary research to create branded content on social and web channels that have a high degree of patient utility and repeat engagement. The result is tremendous value for our clients in terms of quantifiable brand awareness, adherence for those on the drug, and an increased switch rate from competing drugs.

Finally, our Fanscape health team developed a proprietary marketing ROI/attribution model that enables brands to optimize marketing investment by channel, improve adherence, isolate brand switchers, and quantify the incremental sales lift (prescriptions). The result is a more efficient spend, faster time to market, and pinpointed accuracy that grows sales and market share.


Case Studies

Philips Respironics

World Sleep Day

Philips Healthcare


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Our dedicated CPG Practice works with category leaders such as Blue Diamond Almonds, as well as emerging brands such as Almond Breeze Almond Milk.

Our CPG staff are experts at knowing how to use social, digital and mobile data and technology to target your consumer cost-effectively and how to design compelling branded content that generates increased brand awareness and consideration.

Our award-winning digital and shopper marketing promotions drive increased household penetration, usage occasions, and purchase frequency… all translating into increased sales, market share and competitive positioning for our CPG clients.


Case Studies


Meme Generator

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze



Super Bowl 360°

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Our dedicated Retail Practice, Fanscape Retail, combines our award-winning digital, social, and mobile promotional and brand marketing programs, increasing online and retail store traffic, average basket size, and positive brand lift. We work with retail clients ranging from mass retailers to fashion brands to specialty retailers.

Clients prefer Fanscape Retail because we combine award-winning and in-house digital, experiential, celebrity talent, multi-cultural, and CRM/loyalty services under one agency. We create 360-degree consumer marketing campaigns that impact the right consumer at every touch base in their purchase journey, from pre-shop to in-store to post-purchase loyalty and support.

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Fanscape developed LaunchPad to give the Entertainment and Gaming industries a competitive advantage when launching new movies, TV shows, and gaming titles. To meet the industries’ unique, episodic marketing and promotional needs, LaunchPad is customized based on each title’s unique consumer audience, promotional partners, and studio assets. It combines them with an integrated suite of Fanscape’s creative, content production, social media and influencer marketing, and experiential red carpet events across Fanscape’s offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas.

LaunchPad enables cable networks, movie studios, and gaming publishers to garner tremendous pre-release buzz and maximum earned and owned media reach the day of the premier. It also develops a loyal and engaging fan base for the ongoing marketing of the show/movie/title throughout its initial promotional run.


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Energy brands typically have a dual need to defend and enhance their corporate reputation as well as to build their individual consumer-facing brands and market share. We advise clients how to do both. Our Energy practice, Fanscape Energy, works with global brands in the oil and gas industry, as well as the fast-growing green energy sectors of wind and solar, by providing the following services:

  1. Amplification of our energy client’s sponsorships, such as sporting events in the US and around the world for Formula One and NASCAR, by creating engaging branded content and consumer promotions that improve brand awareness and purchase intent.
  2. Corporate level social and digital consulting and execution to promote our client’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and employee recruiting and retention initiatives by creating branded content and social/digital distribution strategies to maximize reach and improve brand sentiment.
  3. Social listening and crisis monitoring at the corporate and/or brand level to ensure our clients are proactively aware of emerging positive or negative consumer trends in social media, quantify the impact, and advise our clients how to address using social media.
  4. Digital leadership consulting helps senior client executives quantifiably measure their marketing investments consistently across channels, benchmark performance against key competitors, ensure brand consistency, and adhere to best practices across channels and regions around the world. It also advances forecasting and analytics to allow better allocation of investments to marketing channels and tactics that drive the most business results. We provide executive briefing and team immersion sessions to advise clients about the disruptive trends and emerging technologies in digital marketing, with recommendations on how our clients can capitalize on them and stay ahead of the competition.

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Fanscape’s Technology Practice understands how both the internet and mobile connected consumer products, are fundamentally changing how consumers interact with smart devices in entirely new ways.

The Internet of Things trend is creating innovation and sales growth opportunities for both established and emerging brands. There’s also excitement around consumers ability to communicate in new ways, with brands and each other, over a longer period of time.

However, this innovation also creates product confusion and fundamental changes in consumer purchase and usage behavior of a brand’s products, and is disrupting previously proven marketing methods. With the proliferation of social and mobile chat platforms, thousands of bloggers and influencers, and an explosion in the types of digital media available, brands are challenged with where to invest their marketing dollars and with how to best target, reach, and communicate their evolving value proposition to consumers.

Fanscape Tech advises national and global technology brands on how to capitalize on these new consumer experiences. We provide a complete consumer engagement marketing, branded content and amplification plan that educates, informs, and entertains early adopters and mainstream consumers. Fanscape Tech provides the most cost-effective, multi-channel marketing strategy and execution available, resulting in large brand awareness and product sell-through for our tech clients.


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SXSW Social

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We are only as good as our people and we think we’re pretty good! Each person in the Fanscape family brings an area of expertise that complements the agency’s collective skill set.


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